Solid Light: A Semi-Detached House with An Attic and High Ceiling

Solid Light 8

Working with T & T Technology Contract Services, HYLA Architects has been completed a semi-detached house project in Lucky Heights, Singapore. Solid Light is completed in November 2003 with a high ceiling that connects the three bedrooms and also an attic as an additional space.


Solid Light 1

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This 2 1/2 storey semi-detached house has a 4-metre high light timber-cladding structure that greets the visitor. The living and dining spaces and the car porch create a seamless whole, separated by a vertically slated timber screen and a series of sliding glass doors.

There is also a steel-framed staircase with slated timber treads that rises to the second storey of the house where a bamboo courtyard brings in green and light into the bedroom area.



Solid Light 5

Solid Light 6

Solid Light 7

Solid Light 8

On the second storey, there are three bedrooms that form an inner core. These bedrooms are interconnected by a high ceiling study area at the house perimeter. The master bathroom is open to the bedroom completely and also features a sunken bath and shower area, a timber pergola ceiling with skylights, and a space for potted plants.


Solid Light Gallery


Photography: HYLA Architects

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