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Wyoming Residence: A Conscientious Marriage of Form and Material with A Collection of Art

Completed in 2014 by Abramson Architects, Wyoming Residence sits in the grandeur of the Teton Mountain Range seamlessly inhabits the adjacent grassland. This 7,000 sq ft residence is a conscientious marriage of form and material. A collection of art of the clients is meticulously considered in the design process of this residence.

Sapire Residence: A Single-Family Residence with the Use of Organic Materials

Located in Pacific Palisades with 18,000 sq ft in size, Sapire Residence offers an awesome view of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains. This single-family residence is designed by Abramson Architects and completed in May 2019. The use of organic materials is central to the design philosophy of this house.

Kelly Residence: A Single-Family Residence with A Sustainable Design

This awesome project is an exploration of balance that completed in 2006 with 5,000 sq ft in size. Located in Los Angeles, Kelly Residence is a single-family residence designed by Abramson Architects. The core of this awesome house is its sustainable design without being expressed overtly in the aesthetic.

Glenhaven Residence: A Pacific Palisades Home with Bright White Interior Spaces

This single-family residence is located in Pacific Palisades with a gallery-worthy view of Santa Monica Bay, designed by Abramson Architects and completed in 2014. Glenhaven Residence is a Pacific Palisades home with 3,000 SQFT in size, offering bright white interior spaces and punctuated with dark exterior materials.

Perrin Residence: A Beach House with Abundant Natural Light and Roof Deck

It is an existing duplex that built in the 1940s and located near the oceanfront walk streets in Manhattan Beach. The client approaches Abramson Architects to transform Perrin Residence into a single-family residence and converting the outdated stucco box into their modern dream home. The trick for the design is to bring in abundant natural light and also preserving intimacy.

Bennett Residence: A Contemporary House with Bright Interior Spaces and Organic Materials

Located on a sprawling golf course in Los Angeles, Bennett Residence is a contemporary house designed to take advantage of the stunning views. Completed by Abramson Architects in 2008, organic materials are used to build this 8,500 SQFT house while all major interior spaces receive light from the skylight.

Casper Residence: A Single-Family Residence with A Low-Slung Structure Anchored in Steel, Concrete, and Wood

Designed by Abramson Architects, Casper Residence is a single-family residence configured as a single storey to respond to the harsh winter climate of the site. It is a modern residence for a local physician and his family in the rolling hills of Wyoming. Completed in 2008, a low-slung structure anchored in concrete, steel, and wood is designed to contend the site’s challenges.

Trousdale Residence: Renovation of A Unique House with A Minimalist Modern Style

Sits in the Trousdale Estates neighborhood of Beverly Hills, Trousdale Residence was originally developed in the 1950s. The client of this house is a young bachelor that purchased and entrusted the design team of Abramson Architects to renovate it for a modern era. The unique form of this house is preserved while the interior and exterior are refinished to reflect the owner’s minimalist modern style.

Darlington Residence: A Sophisticated and Custom Living Space with A New Level of Luxury

Completed in 2014 by Abramson Architects, this single-family condominium is located in Brentwood and owned by a client who wants to have a sophisticated and custom living space. The client, a bachelor, has purchased this condominium that came with standard finishes and a claustrophobic layout. With a new level of luxury, Darlington Residence turns into the best living space for the client.