1999 CASA TOLO 4

1999 CASA TOLO: A Holiday House with A Continuous Structure of Reinforced Concrete

Located in Lugar das Carvalhinhas on a site with an area of around 1000 m2, 1999 CASA TOLO is a project of a holiday house designed by Álvaro Leite Siza. Even though this house sits in a sharply inclined terrain, its position that faces south allows for optimal solar exposure and also to enjoy a particular natural view, and the house’s expressiveness is extracted from a continuous structure of reinforced concrete.

1998 Discoteca Mantra 5

1998 Discoteca Mantra: A Restaurant-Bar and Disco with Colorful Interiors

Designed by Álvaro Leite Siza, 1998 Discoteca Mantra is a project of a restaurant-bar and disco inside an old warehouse. The aim is to provide supporting equipment to the residential and service area. Located in Portugal, the main program is also to maintain the pre-existing building. The highlight of this project is the beautiful colorful interiors inside the building.

1995 Discoteca Estado Novo 6

1995 Discoteca Estado Novo: A Marriage between the Pre-Existing and the New Structure

Situated on an existing foundation in the industrial zone of Matosinhos, 1995 Discoteca Estado Novo has an approximate area of 1000 m2. Designed by Álvaro Leite Siza, the program of this project is a bar/discotheque and restaurant. The marriage between the pre-existing and the new structure of this building results in the design of the principal facade.

Apartment Rodrigo Da Fonseca V 9

Apartment Rodrigo da Fonseca V: A Modern Apartment Interior with White Surfaces and Big Lightings

This stunning apartment has a modern interior design dominated in white surfaces. Apartment Rodrigo da Fonseca V is a 2017 project by João Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos, located in Portugal. The white surfaces can bring a brighter atmosphere into these apartment spaces supported by big lightings while the warm feeling comes from the apartment floor that made from wood.


ARTUR LAMAS: A Pleasurable Apartment with A More Salubrious Space and New Volume

A pleasurable apartment has been designed by VERUM ATELIER in a historic neighborhood of Lisbon, Portugal. ARTUR LAMAS is a 2019 project with 65 m2 in size in the Belém rehabilitation project area. The aim is for making the existing gloomy and tight space into a pleasurable apartment to allow its profitability through short-term lease. A more salubrious space and a new volume are added to give contemporaneity to the apartment in a simple way.


URUGUAI: Transformation in An Old Building with More Privacy in the Interior Space

Located in Lisboa, Portugal, URUGUAI is a transformation in an old building where all spaces are connected to each other like a palatial architectural interior organization. Completed by VERUM ATELIER in 2017, the project area takes 70 m2 in size. Despite a lot of challenges to complete this project, there is a strong desire in keeping some original materials.