ARTUR LAMAS: A Pleasurable Apartment with A More Salubrious Space and New Volume

A pleasurable apartment has been designed by VERUM ATELIER in a historic neighborhood of Lisbon, Portugal. ARTUR LAMAS is a 2019 project with 65 m2 in size in the Belém rehabilitation project area. The aim is for making the existing gloomy and tight space into a pleasurable apartment to allow its profitability through short-term lease. A more salubrious space and a new volume are added to give contemporaneity to the apartment in a simple way.


URUGUAI: Transformation in An Old Building with More Privacy in the Interior Space

Located in Lisboa, Portugal, URUGUAI is a transformation in an old building where all spaces are connected to each other like a palatial architectural interior organization. Completed by VERUM ATELIER in 2017, the project area takes 70 m2 in size. Despite a lot of challenges to complete this project, there is a strong desire in keeping some original materials.