Verum Atelier

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ARTUR LAMAS: A Pleasurable Apartment with A More Salubrious Space and New Volume

A pleasurable apartment has been designed by VERUM ATELIER in a historic neighborhood of Lisbon, Portugal. ARTUR LAMAS is a 2019 project with 65 m2 in size in the Belém rehabilitation project area. The aim is for making the existing gloomy and tight space into a pleasurable apartment to allow its profitability through short-term lease. A more salubrious space and a new volume are added to give contemporaneity to the apartment in a simple way.

MEMÓRIA: Different Architectural Levels with An Interior Space Separated by Two Areas

This 206 project is called MEMÓRIA and designed by VERUM ATELIER. Located in Ajuda’s neighborhood in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, it is a project that develops itself in different architectural levels and stands out together. There are two areas that separate the interior space: the private one and the social one.

URUGUAI: Transformation in An Old Building with More Privacy in the Interior Space

Located in Lisboa, Portugal, URUGUAI is a transformation in an old building where all spaces are connected to each other like a palatial architectural interior organization. Completed by VERUM ATELIER in 2017, the project area takes 70 m2 in size. Despite a lot of challenges to complete this project, there is a strong desire in keeping some original materials.

Vasco da Gama: A Modern Apartment with A Curved Wall Design

It is a singular architectural project of a modern apartment with interior small dimensions located in Lisboa, Portugal. The original internal shape of the space in Vasco da Gama makes it lose quality as an architectural building object. Completed by VERUM ATELIER in 2016, a curved wall is also designed as one of the strongest concepts of this project.