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Annunziata House: A Magical Glass House to Showcase Homeowners’ Antiques

Specht Architects recently designed an awesome residential project in Berkshires called Annunziata House. In Italian, Annunziata means “spiritual announcement”. It is a magical glass house furnished with the homeowners’ antiques and rare art collections. The goal is to minimalize the homeowners’ lifestyle by juxtaposing old and new.

Peaks View Residence: A Unique Home with A Refined and Warm Character

Peaks View Residence is an award-winning residential project designed by CLB Architects. This house is located in a grassy meadow near Wilson, Wyoming. It is an assemblage of building volumes in a 6,500-square-foot program area. The design solution of this house is used to complete two main goals which are conflicted with each other.

Arboretum Residence: A House Renovation in the Middle of Panoramic Forest View

Located in Portland, Oregon with 4,200 sq ft in size, Arboretum Residence is a renovation project by Skylab Architecture. The house is nestled on a hillside, occupying a panoramic forest view. This project is a response to the existing angularity playing with detail and form.

Boardman River: A Three-Bedroom Residence Built with Traditional Local Materials

Designed by Searl Lamaster Howe Architects, Boardman River is a residential project located along the Boardman River in northern Michigan. It is a three-bedroom residence that serves as a serene fishing retreat. Built with traditional local materials, this house looks amazing both inside and outside.