Canggu House: A Minimalist Modern with Reinterpreted Traditional Features

Canggu House 6

Located in Bali with 557 m2 in size, Canggu House is a minimalist modern house designed by Martin Friedrich Architects. Bali now is associated with exciting luxurious Western Architecture with pleasing Balinese touches, not traditional timber shacks anymore. Through this house, traditional features can be reinterpreted throughout.


Canggu House 4

Canggu House 5

There are symmetrically balanced ponds and also a mandatory temple that welcoming visitors who enter the property. This house is beautified with antique carved Balinese doors that open onto the imposing double storey entry.

On the rear balconies and on the projecting master ensuite at the front of the house, the movable traditional Balinese motif screens are used to provide privacy and shade. The bedroom spaces and all living spaces are arranged with a central focus on the surroundings and the pool.



Canggu House 6

Canggu House 8

Canggu House 11

In Bali, a building can be successfully designed by the right builder with on-site supervision through careful planning. This way can result in a perfect building that suites with its function, concept, and people who use it. It is a project that can be an example where local cultures in Bali fuse with modern styles awesomely.


Canggu House Gallery


Photography: Martin Friedrich Architects

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