What Should You Check When Buying Retractable Fly Screens

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Australia being home to a plethora of insects and small snakes, all of these try to enter homes looking for a warm crack or crevice to settle down in. Click here to learn more about the best way to keep your home safe from these dangerous pests. It doesn’t matter if you have awkward openings or single, bifold, or sliding doors and windows – retractable fly screens can be customized to fit any opening perfectly.

Here are some things you need to check before buying retractable fly screens:

Check out the Available Options

First, you need to check out the available options in fly screens, though they look similar and operate in the same manner. There are just two actions – pulling the screens across the openings or retracting them into their casing when not required. However, it sounds easier than it is because there are several types of retractable fly screens to choose from:

Flat Screens: These screens come with a flat mesh and can be retracted on a well-hidden track system. If you want no trace of them anywhere outside, you can have them recessed below the floor. Such screens come as a single panel to cover the entire opening or as bifold drawn together to close the opening.

Screens with Pleats: Pleated mesh screens have pleated meshes like curtains, adding to the decor, but they perform the same way a flat-screen performs, as they can also have a hidden track system. Pleated mesh screens also come as single or bi-fold. You can also customize pleated screens to have retractable tracks that disappear when the screen is hidden.

Panelled Screens: These fly screens, as their name signifies, come with many panels.  The panels slide along the track, making them suitable for covering large openings. However, the track system is not hidden as with flat or pleated screens.

Magnetic Screens: These fly screens are fixed using magnetic strips that hold them in place. The advantage of this type of fly screen is that it is very flexible and can be removed completely when not used.

While choosing the fly screens, another thing to keep in mind is the type of mesh used. It is advisable to go for the commonly-used fine mesh to keep out tiny insects but let fresh air in. You also have solar meshes as an option, which are great for keeping out the sun’s harsh UV rays, allowing only the harmless light to pass through.

Pet-proof meshes are a great hit, as they cannot be easily destroyed by your pets, however hard they worry them. Do a bit of research to know more about the door, window, and outdoor fly screens.

Manual or Motorised

Today’s technology allows you the luxury of operating these fly screens without moving an inch from the comfort of your armchair or sofa. You get remote-controlled screens that are easy to operate as they are motorized and function smoothly.

While motorised screens need just the push of a button, manual screens also need a gentle push to open or close. Cost-wise, manual fly retractable screens come cheaper and are easier to maintain. However, the cost difference is not very high, making motorised screens affordable.

While buying retractable screens, stop a moment to think about where you will use them. If you need them to cover an area outdoors, pull-down screens make a better option. If the outdoor area is perpetually windy, you may want to look at specially made, wind-resistant screens with a special, strong mesh.

More importantly, look at the reviews and buy from a reputed manufacturer/distributor to ensure you get the highest quality retractable fly screens.

Summing it Up

With most parts of Australia having hordes of insects that can enter homes and cause havoc, having protective, retractable fly screens make sense.

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