A Bright And Colorful Moscow Apartment For Rent 12

A Bright and Colorful Moscow Apartment for Rent

Vladimir Afanasev took on the challenge of transforming a small Moscow apartment into a stylish rental space. Within its modest forty-five square meters, he managed to carve out a cozy bedroom, a combined kitchen and living area, a bathroom, and even a cleverly integrated dressing room and laundry space. No stranger to such projects, Afanasev’s clients entrusted him with full creative control, setting a rough budget and handing over the keys before returning six months later to see the results.

A Seamless Blend Of History And Modernity 35

Unveiling History: A Timeless Fusion of Past and Present in a Russian Apartment Renovation

The apartment renovation project was carried out in an old building in Russia and was completed in 2023 by Alexandra Helminskaya-Leontieva from SHURARCH. Located in the historical center of Saint-Petersburg, the family apartment offers a stunning view of Griboedov’s Canal. The interior seamlessly blends history with modernity, creating an amazing living space.

Green House 15

Green House: A Modern Architecture in the Pristine Natural Landscape

A4AC Architects has completed an amazing residential project called Green House. This project aimed to construct a compact, efficient bush home nestled in the Shona Langa eco estate. The goal was to design a home that blends modern architectural elements with the surrounding natural beauty. A key focus was on facilitating a smooth flow between indoor and outdoor areas, harmonizing with the untouched landscape.