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Sonoma House: A Harmonious Construction with An Awesome Panorama

Completed by Roca Arquitectos in 2019, Sonoma House is a beach house located near Punta Gorda hill. This house is an ideal space to escape from the hustle and enjoy a pleasant rest. Designed in a modern style, the result of this project is a harmonious construction of the house with the surrounding panorama.

Floating Walls: A Modern Family House with An Illusion of Levitating Masses

The idea of this 2019 residential project is about designing a simple and spacious Vaastu-compliant house for a family of five based on the client’s brief. Located in Bengaluru, India, this house is designed by Crest Architects. There are slits and openings that create an illusion of levitating masses, that’s why the name of this project is Floating Walls.