There are numerous hotels around the city. Within the very first years of the museum opening thousands and thousands of tourist started to pour in the city simply to observe the Guggenheim. This amount proceeds to grow as this city is among the most desirable areas to live. (more…)

In regards to exposed brick walls, that’s not an issue whatsoever. In addition, it gained praise for its meticulously constructed glass, wood and concrete interior in addition to for its spacious floral places and terraces. While you might only consider the field color or most the exterior walls as the color of choice, remember the more compact particulars of the home may be the crowing glory in regards to color selection. (more…)

Japan is one of the most advanced country in the world. Following the result of their lost World War II, Japan stripped of any military element. But instead of grieving from their devastate lost, especially from the high casualties in Hiroshima and Nagasaki due to atomic bombs, they desperately trying to make up their lost. Japan then used technology as a mean to reclaim their dignity. Then decades after their lost, Japan also own many leading technologies which used around the world. (more…)

Mall, plaza, square or whatever it is called, a shopping center is often associated with a place of extravagance. Many of us get the excitement in spending money to get what we need in these places. It is not the only thing that the term extravagance implies, though. (more…)

Medical facilities are places where patients suffering from various illnesses get treatment for their recovery. Thus, it is important to provide the best facilities that help them in healing. These medical facilities are some of the best health care in the world as they provide advanced technology in medication. In addition, they are also renowned for their excellence in architecture designs. (more…)

Untidy and unorganized are the common stereotype we commonly presume about dormitories. A place where a number of students live, however, is not necessarily like that. In fact, there are a lot of dormitories which actually were designed as a chic and cozy living space. You might even want to live in one of them. (more…)

The aquarium is house of many sea creatures and habitats. The education for people about sea creatures and habitats and preservation of sea creatures and habitats are usually the main purpose of an aquarium. But today, aquarium is used for the recreation purpose, and it can generated revenue for the owner. So aside for education and preservation, now aquarium is considered as profitable investment for recreation. Which is why the design play a pivotal role to attract the visitors. (more…)

DC Comics, a gigantic comic publisher in United States also has various futuristic and cool buildings within their roster comics, similar with Marvel Comics, which happen to be their rival for ages. But, unlike Marvel, which often places their superheroes/buildings in the real city such as New York. (more…)

Comic book has proven to be one of the most entertaining literature in the world. Especially today for superhero comic book. There are many buildings with extraordinary design used in many comic books. Either used as superhero’s headquarter, home or even business building. Fortunately, we are in the age where adaptation of superhero comic book to the form of movie has became something common and so well received by people. Thus, it lead to the question wheter the artistic and unique buildings in the comics can be applied in the real world. (more…)

It is an undeniable truth that books are the windows to the world, the sources for knowledge, and the food for our minds. Erudition and creativity of the world masterpiece-makers often start from books. They are simply the luxury for curious souls. And where is a better place to find the sources of knowledge if not a library. It is not only a place where many scholars and intellectuals dig knowledge but also a haven to feed their minds and expand their roots of information. (more…)