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Transformadora Ciel: A Productive Co-Working Center with A Green Roof

Completed in 2012 by Rojkind Arquitectos and AGENT, Transformadora Ciel is a transformation project of Foro Ciel into a productive co-working center for the activities of the Transformadora Ciel program. The goal is to create a functional co-working space with green areas.

The Pitch: The Use of Shipping Containers to Design Austin’s New Hospitality Complex

Designed by Austin’s award-winning architecture and interiors firm, Mark Odom Studio, The Pitch is the first Austin’s exciting new hospitality and entertainment complex built from shipping containers. There are 23 repurposed containers used in this project.

Youth Centre: An Attractive, Two-Storey, D1-Classified Youth Centre with Sustainable Design Principles

Located in West London, Youth Centre is an awesome project by WindsorPatania Architects. It is an attractive, two-storey, D1-classified youth centre with three key aims: sustainable design principles, inspiration from Japanese architecture, and a message for future generations.