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Khlongtoei House: A Cozy House with A New Personality of the Interior Space

Located in Bangkok, Khlongtoei House is a 2013 renovation project by Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated. This project is about transforming an inherited property into a cozy bridal house for the new generation. Some of the house’s compositions are adjusted to complete the transformation.

7 Best Home Exterior Ideas With Wood And Stone Inspired By Nature

There are some factors to consider before choosing your home’s exterior materials. Besides climate, you also need to consider the maintenance, the costs of installation and purchase, and sustainability. If you are looking for durability and easy installation, wood and stone can be the best choices.

Annunziata House: A Magical Glass House to Showcase Homeowners’ Antiques

Specht Architects recently designed an awesome residential project in Berkshires called Annunziata House. In Italian, Annunziata means “spiritual announcement”. It is a magical glass house furnished with the homeowners’ antiques and rare art collections. The goal is to minimalize the homeowners’ lifestyle by juxtaposing old and new.