11 Gorgeous Small Bathroom Ideas

It takes a lot of inspirations to design your bathroom, especially when it comes to a small size. A small bathroom needs a perfect design to put all bathroom elements in, whether it is only a shower, a bathtub, or a combination of them. With the right design, a small bathroom can be a gorgeous and stylish room in your house. Here are some gorgeous small bathroom ideas that can inspire you.

1. Iberville by La Firme

Iberville 1

With a benefit from the impregnable view, this small bathroom provides an awesome space for the owner to bath and also enjoying the view at the same time. Iberville by La Firme is a small one-story home with a modern small bathroom. The idea of this bathroom is to create a natural white surface and bring the stunning nature outside in through the window.


2. The HACHI Skyscape by WARchitect

The HACHI Skyscape 8

Besides the unique rooftop, HACHI Skyscape also has a unique design in each room. WARchitect uses wood materials to design the most surfaces of the house including the floor, wall, and ceiling to create a real wood natural charm. With a glazed wall, this bathroom is visible from anywhere inside the house.


3. Cottage de Brébeuf by Boom Town

Cottage De Brébeuf 8

This rustic-chic cottage offers an awesome idea to design its bathroom and all spaces in it. Cottage de Brébeuf by Boom Town uses concrete, wood, and steel to bring the rustic and chic design. The small bathroom in this cottage has wooden slide doors with beautiful patterned tiles among the white surface.


4. East Williamsburg Rowhouse by Barker Associates Architecture Office

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 4

You can also use different materials to design your small bathroom just like this one. The small bathroom in East Williamsburg Rowhouse by Barker Associates Architecture Office uses different types of tiles to design its floor and bathtub while the elegant look comes from the mirror, glass wall of the shower, and white storage.


5. St Andrews Beach House by Austin Maynard Architects

St Andrews Beach House 13

Austin Maynard Architects designs this two-storey circular holiday home with a unique circular design and wood materials for the structure and space, including its small bathroom. The idea of the small bathroom in St Andrews Beach House is to bring a strong look through the dark color of different tile shapes, especially for the floor and wall.


6. Bedaux-Nagengast Residence by Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten

Bedaux Nagengast Residence 1

If you need a more simple and modern design for your small bathroom, you may need this idea. The small bathroom in Bedaux-Nagengast Residence by Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten is beautified in white that comes from its bathtub, sink, tabletop, and storage. The elegant touch is added through the large mirror behind the sink.


7. Mills, the Toy Management House by Austin Maynard Architects

Mills The Toy Management House 4

When you have children, bring a fun interior design for their bathroom is crucial. The idea of a small bathroom in Mills, the Toy Management House by Austin Maynard Architects is using color to highlight the interior. The yellow bathtub becomes the most attractive thing within the white interior inside this small bathroom.


8. Boundary St House, Port Melbourne by Chan Architecture

Boundary St House Port Melbourne 1

Situated on the border between residential, industrial, and commercial areas, Boundary St House, Port Melbourne comes as a new unique home with the use of different materials. For its small bathroom, the white bricks are used to beautify the wall behind the toilet. Instead of using tabletop, a black frame is designed to put the sink.


9. Casa Beretzen by Christoffersen & Weiling Architects

Casa Beretzen 16

The soft interior with a natural design can be found in this small bathroom. The small bathroom in Casa Beretzen by Christoffersen & Weiling Architects has a beautiful wooden floor and bright interior from its white wall. Based on the clients’ desire to capture views and daylight, there is also a skylight in this bathroom.


10. Residence Montagnard by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes

Residence Montagnard 3

Capturing a lot of great views and warm daylight is the idea of the small bathroom in Residence Montagnard by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes. The white bathtub in this small bathroom is placed at the corner of the room near the windows while the shower area is located next to it, so the house owner can enjoy a more comfortable time while bathing.


11. Bay of Islands House by Herbst Architects

Bay Of Islands House 9

Bay of Islands House by Herbst Architects is a new house with a modern small bathroom. The same wood materials are used to design the bathroom floor and the frame of the bathroom door. The decorative look in this small bathroom comes from the small hexagon tile on the wall behind the white bathtub.

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