9 Awesome Small Restaurant Designs

FJORD Seafood Bistro 5

The design is also an important element needed in a small restaurant besides its foods, drinks, menus, and services. By choosing the right design, a small restaurant will be more comfortable and interesting for visitors. Small restaurant design is related to many things, including its interior, furniture, and colors. If you are interested in having your own small restaurant, here are 9 awesome small restaurant design that can inspire you.

1. Yamasen Japanese Restaurant by Terrain Architects

Yamasen Japanese Restaurant 2

Located in Uganda Kampala, Yamasen Japanese Restaurant is a unique Japanese restaurant with a small store. In order to attract more visitors, the architect uses eucalyptus wood as a scaffolding material with a concrete structure for the design. This design can make this restaurant turns into a comfortable and perfect place for the people to gather and socialize.


2. Henkes & Raku by AIM Architecture

Henkes Raku A Restaurant With A Small Intimate Attic Setting In Shanghai 5

AIM Architecture designs Henkes & Raku restaurant in a small intimate attic space of the shopping mall. The unique design from this small restaurant comes from its three different dining spots. The design for this restaurant interior is equipped with three large pendant lights, warm walnut materials, and a warm grey wooden crate.


3. FJORD Seafood Bistro by DA Design & Architecture

FJORD Seafood Bistro 5

As a seafood restaurant, FJORD Seafood Bistro is designed with a modern interior by DA Design & Architecture. This interior comes in a soft and natural surface with bright colors and dominated by wooden furniture. Some beautiful lightings are also added to bring a more romantic atmosphere when night comes.


4. CROSTA Pizza & Pasta by DA Design & Architecture

CROSTA Pizza & Pasta 10

This pizza and pasta restaurant has a modern minimalist interior designed by DA Design & Architecture. CROSTA Pizza and Pasta located in a small room of a historical room. Despite its small size, this restaurant offers a minimalist concept too where a modern design can come in a simple way through wooden furniture and small lightings.


5. BIVEN Grill & Bar by DA Design & Architecture

BIVEN Grill & Bar 2

Another awesome small restaurant design by DA Design & Architecture can be found in BIVEN Grill & Bar. This small restaurant offers a dark modern interior design with amazing details. The combination of concrete floor, concrete wall, wooden furniture, and lighting can give a strong look which will always be remembered by the visitors.


6. Sara Restaurant by Odami

Sara Restaurant 8

Sara Restaurant has a sense of calm created by Odami. This small restaurant is also designed with recycled materials and earthly minimalism. A heavy focus on the atmosphere, materiality, and also texture are combined into one design to create an intimate feeling for all guests while being in this restaurant.


7. Deck Restaurant by RAMA

Deck Restaurant 8

In order to meet the concept of three functions and three different areas, Deck Restaurant by RAMA is designed with some different materials. These materials are metal microperforated, steel black, square metal tube, and polished concrete. By using these materials, this small restaurant design becomes more unique and surely comfortable.


8. KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar by DA Design & Architecture

KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar 12

In this restaurant, a modern interior is combined with interesting space organize to create a perfect design. KOMPANIYA Kitchen & Bar by DA Design & Architecture has a double-height space that becomes a key element for its design. The design also includes a high construction for its building made from wood and metal.


9. BIRCH by DA Design & Architecture


With simple and affordable haute cuisine, this small restaurant offers a modern interior design with two hails. The design of BIRCH by DA Design & Architecture is made by combining two basic interior materials: stainless steel and wood. Supported by awesome furniture such as the seats semi-bar style and a large chef-table, the entire design is completed awesomely.

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