East Williamsburg Rowhouse: A Wood Frame Row House in East Williamsburg

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 12

The owner loves to buy this awesome rowhouse after seeing the beautiful tree-lined street near it. They don’t want to erase the original interior and exterior design of this house with a renovation just like their neighbors. That’s why the architect makeover this East Williamsburg Rowhouse with the combination of modern style, bright color, and light-filled space without throwing the historical elements.

Storage Wall

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 1

The architect also doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to use the house wall. Inside the working space, there is a large storage wall which is full of shelves and racks. It is perfect for the owner who loves to work in the house.



East Williamsburg Rowhouse 2

The stair and space around it are designed with natural elements. The stair is built with the beautiful wood. It is same with the floor near it. The wall next to the stair is decorated with awesome white rock design.



East Williamsburg Rowhouse 3

The entryway of East Williamsburg Rowhouse is so beautiful. This space is designed with a bright color of white for the wall and the front door. Once you enter this house, you will be welcomed with an adorable mini stair.


Master Bathroom

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 4

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 6

The master bathroom has a modern interior design style with the beautiful tiles on the wall of shower space and floor under the sink. The mirror and the glass shower door makes this bathroom looks more elegant.


Kids’ Bathroom

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 5

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 7

The kid’s bathroom is the upstairs bathrooms. These bathrooms surely are much different from the master bathroom. The kid’s bathrooms are full of color with the green-tiled wall and red-tiled wall. Those things become the focal point of the small bathroom space.


Kid’s Bedroom

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 8

The kid’s bedroom is simple but still colorful. With the minimalist bed and a storage, this room is enough for the kid to sleep and also play. The window offers a beautiful view outside the house for the kid in their own bedroom.



East Williamsburg Rowhouse 9

East Williamsburg Rowhouse is also designed with a playroom for the kids. This room doesn’t have too many things inside. The architect wanted to make a free space for the kids to explore their creativity more in this room.


Nursery Room

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 10

The interior design of nursery room is same as the kid’s bedroom. With a big teddy bear doll and the bed, this room is comfortable as it is used to be.



East Williamsburg Rowhouse 12

East Williamsburg Rowhouse has a perfect backyard for the owner to spend a lot of lovely time with family friends. This area is designed with a small deck and stair. There is also a brick fireplace to give a warm air around the backyard.



East Williamsburg Rowhouse 13

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 14

The kitchen is full of IKEA style with the white semi-handmade upper fronts and also a walnut lowers in the horizontal grain. The dining and kitchen area is full of bright design style with white color and wood element on the cabinet and kitchen island.


Living Room

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 15

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 16

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 17

The living room is another comfortable room in East Williamsburg Rowhouse. It has a stone fireplace and it is decorated with full of bookshelves both on the left and right side. The orange sofa makes this room feels so fresh.


Front Facade

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 18

East Williamsburg Rowhouse has double hung windows and also moldings on its front facade. the salvaged double front door and traditional cornice makes it perfect. The white cedar clapboard siding is the historical image of this house. The clear anodized aluminum finish can be seen in the large rear windows.

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