5 Awesome Tiny House Interiors

Tennis House 11

It is surely different when it comes to design a big house and a tiny house. A tiny house needs more attention than a bigger house, especially its interiors. Besides the need to arrange the furniture and things in a better way, this kind of house also needs some awesome details that can make it looks larger and also comfortable. Here are some awesome tiny house interiors that can you try to design your own tiny house interior.

1. Highlands Escape by Benn and Penn Architects

Highlands Escape 6

Even a tiny house can be a perfect work of art when it has a great design on its interiors. Highlands Escape by Benn and Penn Architects offers an elegant and sophisticated living pavilion with a beautiful interior and structure, providing an aesthetic look that can not be found in another house.


2. Tennis House by Gray Organschi Architecture

Tennis House 11

Tennis House is a small house and tennis court designed by Gray Organschi Architecture. It has a tiny pavilion with a deep roof and warm interiors. The beams dominate the ceiling and the building frame, supported by concrete walls and wooden furniture as well. This kind of interior design is perfect for them who want to have a rural atmosphere inside the house.


3. Twin Houses by Architecture Saville Isaacs

Twin Houses 6

Twin Houses consist of two siblings which all of them are unique, as well as the interiors. Designed by Architecture Saville Isaacs, the interior of this house is a combination of modern and a touch of industrial design. The result makes the interior has a strong and darker appearance through the furniture and materials.


4. A Tiny Green Getaway Cabin by Bruce Porter

A Tiny Green Getaway Cabin On East Americas Outermost Inhabited Island 4

This tiny cabin is designed by its owner, Bruce Porter, a journalist and retired professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. A Tiny Green Getaway Cabin is not only a living space but also a comfortable retirement for him. White pine is chosen to clad the interior and with a diagonal orientation to create visual interest.


5. Tara Pillai Residence by WALLMAKERS

Tara Pillai Residence 6

In order to create environmental balance in a unique house, Tara Pillai Residence by WALLMAKERS offers a serene atmosphere on its interiors with rustic furniture made from scrap wood and traditional bamboo design. A little bit of industrial style is also added into these house interiors that come from the concrete wall and floor.

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