7 Simple Backyard Designs with Wooden Deck for Dining Space And Loungers for Relaxation

Wooden deck in the garden

The dining space and lounge can be the best solution for your empty wooden deck in your backyard. By having a dining space and lounge, you can provide your family with a relaxing and comfortable outdoor space for gathering to enjoy nature.

Check out our collection of simple backyard designs with wooden decks for dining space and loungers for relaxation below to get more inspiration.

1. Villa Lima by Johan Sundberg Arkitektur

Villa Lima 11

Villa Lima by Johan Sundberg Arkitektur has a simple backyard design with a wooden deck for the dining space for the house owner. The dining space is completed with wooden outdoor dining furniture. Around the deck, plants are also added to refresh the air.

Photography: Kasper Dudzik, Vidir Geirson


2. Bayside Residence by FMD Architects

Bayside Residence 10

The goal of the simple backyard design with a wooden deck for the dining space in Bayside Residence by FMD Architects is to create a connection between inside and outside. It is also about providing a cozy place for eating while enjoying the outside view.

Photographer: Peter Bennetts


3. Roscoe House by Akin Atelier

Roscoe House 5

Roscoe House by Akin Atelier uses its backyard to add a wooden deck and create a cozy outdoor dining space. This outdoor dining space is completed with simple outdoor dining furniture while a grill for cooking is also added at the corner of the deck.

Photography: Akin Atelier


4. Saint-Placide Chalet by La Firme

Saint Placide Chalet 6

With awesome views of the shores, Saint-Placide Chalet by La Firme uses its backyard to have a wooden deck. This simple wooden deck is completed with a cozy outdoor dining space. There is also a grill added for cooking.

Photography: Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard


5. GATES by Blue Truck Studio


A wooden deck in GATES by Blue Truck Studio is the main highlight of its backyard. It is a cozy wooden deck with an outdoor dining space. Benches and a warm rug are added to this dining space to complete the whole design.

Photographer: Open Homes Photography


6. Meadow Beach House by Andrew Franz Architect

Meadow Beach House 13

Meadow Beach House by Andrew Franz Architect has a simple backyard design with a wooden deck for the dining space as well. Besides the dining space, there is also a cozy seating area on this deck where one can sit and enjoy the views.

Photographer: Albert Vecerka / Esto


7. Skygarden House by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

Skygarden House 17

In Skygarden House by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design, the backyard looks inviting with its wooden deck and outdoor dining space. The highlight of this wooden deck is the outdoor dining furniture in black that looks in contrast with the wood color of the deck.

Photographer: Shai Gil

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