8 Stylish Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Extension House In Waterloo 7

A small bathroom needs more details, especially in its decoration. When it comes to the perfect time to design and decor your small bathroom, you will need more tricky ways to make it stylish and gorgeous without wasting more space. Whether it is simple, contemporary, or colorful, a perfect decorating idea is surely necessary to beautify it. For more inspirations, please check out more of these stylish small bathroom decorating ideas for your house.

1. Lacuna House by Bijl Architecture

Lacuna House 2

Designed as an adaptable house for the family and the children, Lacuna House by Bijl Architecture has a small bathroom with the same theme as the living room and kitchen of the house. For the decoration of this small bathroom, the use of different tile colors (black and grey) is already enough to make it stylish and also modern.


2. Onetangi Bach by Herbst Architects

Onetangi Bach 3

This small, dark 1970s bach is renovated to create an entirely new face, including its small bathroom. Designed by Herbst Architects, Onetangi Bach has a unique small bathroom decorated with some natural materials such as gravel for its floor and wood for the wall and ceiling. Three white tiles are also added to create an aesthetic look.


3. Extension House in Waterloo by Louis Paillard Architect

Extension House In Waterloo 7

Louis Paillard Architect designs Extension House in Waterloo as a beautiful house for collectors of drawings, pictures, and paintings. These hobbies become one of the design inspirations to beautify its small bathroom. As unique as the owner, this small bathroom is decorated with a combination of marble tiles and decorative floor.


4. Takatu House by RTA Studio

Takatu House 8

This unique bach is designed by RTA Studio with a combination of colors and materials. For its small bathroom, Takatu House is decorated with green tiles on its shower wall and also wood materials for the walls behind the sink. These two materials look contrast but it can decorate this small bathroom beautifully and different from others.


5. Naremburn Twin Peaks by Benn & Penna Architects

Naremburn Twin Peaks 5

From a dark bungalow into a modern family home, there are many things changed in Naremburn Twin Peaks including its bathroom. In order to meet the need for twenty-first-century living, Benn & Penna Architects decorates its small bathroom in black for the floor and door while the wall is designed with white patterned tiles.


6. The Bookend House by ORA

The Bookend House 1

The small bathroom in The Bookend House by ORA is decorated and dominated with a fresh and fun atmosphere that comes from the color accents. Besides using some fresh and different colors, this small bathroom uses the unique shape of tiles to design the wall around the shower. The result of this decoration is a lovely and beautiful bathroom.


7. Los Altos New Residence by a collaboration of Outer Space Landscape Architects with Klopf Architecture

Los Altos New Residence 16

Needs simple and modern decoration for your small bathroom? You need to try the decoration idea of a small bathroom in Los Altos New Residence by a collaboration of Outer Space Landscape Architects with Klopf Architecture. The combination of wooden floor, storage, and white surfaces of the wall and sink is pretty enough to decor it.


8. Dietz Residence by Kaise Works

Dietz Residence 5

A small bathroom without a shower? Take a look at this one. A small bathroom in Dietz Residence by Kaise Works looks awesome with its simple decoration and elements: a white bathtub, concrete floor, black wall tiles, and its towel holder.

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