T. Renovation: Renovation of A Well-Known Penthouse with Awesome Ocean View

T Renovation 6

It is a project of renovation of a Souto de Moura apartment from 1992 that bought by a couple located in Foz do Douro, Porto, Portugal. At first, NoArq is not sure to do the renovation of this masterpiece but in the end, this project turns out into a preserved and restored project. This well-known penthouse is 290 m² + 85 m² in size with awesome ocean views.


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The architect meets the author twice to discuss this renovation project. He reassures the architect to continue so the architect starts to intense research. This notorious housing building is almost 30 years old which is restored and preserved in a subtle way.



T Renovation 4

T Renovation 5

T Renovation 6

The stone from a fireplace, a handrail, and a kitchen are adulterated subtly. This house offers a soft and warm design with a natural look that comes from the paint color and the materials. Dominated in a wooden floor and furniture, the house building seems as if it blends with the surrounding nature.



T Renovation 7

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T Renovation 9

The rooms are beautified by white walls and ceiling. It blends well with the wooden floor and the furniture filled in each room. The awesome ocean views can be seen easily from the large balcony of the house. Through the glazed windows, the views outside still can be seen from inside the house. The large curtains allow the couple to control the intensity of sunlight that comes into the house.


T Renovation

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Photographer: Arménio Teixeira

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