Aculco 21

Aculco: A Holiday Home Made of Block Walls of Quarry Stone with Minimal Need of Maintenance

Located in Aculco, State of Mexico, Aculco is a completed project of a holiday home designed by Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados. This house sits in an ideal place where someone can get some rest from modern living in a natural environment. With 90 m2 in size, this house is made of block walls of quarry stone with minimal need for maintenance.

Apan 3

Apan: A House in A Rural Context with A Local Building System and Two Volumes

The aim of this project is to build a house in a rural context that satisfies the users’ needs and meets the characteristics of a decent home. Apan is a 2017 project located in Hidalgo, Mexico with 58m2 in size. This house is designed by Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados that proposes the use of a local building system and also two volumes to divide private from public rooms.

Paraíso 13

Paraíso: A Weekend House with Two Major Openings and LCMX Interior Design

Paraíso is a weekend house located in a residential area near Cuernavaca, Morelos, México. It is a single-story house with two major openings located within a golf course with 350m2 in size. The intention of the main design made by Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados is to create a sense of openness. Two major openings are presented with LCMX interior design that offers a contrast between the building’s materials.

Calero 5

Calero: A Residential Project with A Centering Wood and Sustainable Construction

Completed in 2010, this residential project is designed by Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados with 90m2 of the construction size. Calero is located in San Angel, in the south of Mexico City with a plot that has an existing construction made out of brick and tile. A new proposal with centering wood and sustainable construction is solved with the minimum materials, minimum cost, and minimum elements.

Camelia 15

Camelia: A House Reconfiguration and Remodeling with Staircase as A Sculptural Object

Located in San Ángel, in southern Mexico City, it is a remodeling and reconfiguration project of a house designed by Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados. Camelia is a residential project completed in 2013 with 300m2 in size. The elements of this house are connected by the horizontal and vertical circulations while the staircase is convinced as a sculptural object for the interior.

Jardín 18

Jardín: A Single-Storey House with A Merging of Interior and Exterior Spaces

This residential project is located in a neighborhood in southern Mexico City, San Ángel. Jardín is planned as a single-story house designed by Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados. The design approach of this 2014 project is led to the merging of the exterior and interior spaces of the house, supported by some materials and elements. It is a house where there are no boundaries between its interior and exterior.