Love Walk: A Functional Family House with Architectural Spirit of the Building

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Located in Camberwell, London, Love Walk is a refurbishment, reconfiguration, and extension project of a late Victorian coach house. VINE Architecture Studio tries to create a functional family house that complemented the building architectural spirit. This house is also about a celebration of untreated and natural materials and finishes.


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The late Victorian coach house remains untouched for thirty years. It still has a layout with echoes of being arranged for cart and house. This house still also has a first-floor fireplace for the coachman stable windows on the ground floor.



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It is very important to combines the main living spaces of the house with the open plan ground floor to maximize the connection sense. This otherwise modestly sized house also has a small garden room extension, employed with a light-touch approach and a continuation of floor and walls.



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Oak is used to design the doors and floors. For the worktops, the architect uses eco-concrete using recycled aggregate. The steel Crittall doors are designed in natural black oxide and wax while gypsum is used with a clear beeswax sealer for the walls. Exposed birch plywood for the joinery, reclaimed terracotta for the paving and exposed copper pipework for bathroom and kitchen.


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