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Riverside Green: A Modern House with A Beautiful Golf Course Beyond in A Two-Storey Entrance

This modern and big house reveals a beautiful golf course beyond in a two-storey entrance. Riverside Green is designed by Richard Librach Architect, offering comfortable spaces for the family to enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding treeline. This house has a two-storey, six-foot thick stone and built with a mixture of some different materials for its interior.

Wilket Creek-Haven: An Existing Bungalow and the York Mills Context with Three Main Elements

Richard Librach Architect works closely with the client in this project. The existing bungalow and the York Mills context make the architect feels excited to design and develop it. Wilket Creek-Haven is designed with three main elements, resulting in some awesome spaces that connect to the awesome exterior surrounding.

Blythwood Ravine: A Warm and Welcoming New House for Frequent Small Concerts

Individual inspirations are identified for the design of this new house right from the beginning. Blythwood Ravine is a project of a new house by Richard Librach Architect that approached by two violinists. They need a warm and welcoming house where friends, family, and fellow musicians can assemble for frequent small concerts.