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Compass House: An LEED Gold-Certified Home for A Spiritually Resonant Experience

Designed as a residential refuge, Compass House is a LEED Gold-Certified home located in Canada. It is a 2015 residential project by Superkül, offering a spiritually resonant experience that comes from a balance of several elements. With a striking white exterior, it attracts everyone’s attention.

CGRV House: A High-Performance Facade and Integrated Exterior Blind Systems

Designed by Design and Architecture Studio (DAAS), CGRV House has a high-performance facade that works as an interactive and engaging canvas. Sits in an established neighborhood of Calgary, Alberta, integrated exterior blind systems are applied on this house envelope.

High Park Residence: A Homage to the Italian Heritage of the Clients

Completed in 2020 by Batay-Csorba Architects, High Park Residence becomes a place of refuge and also a solitude for an Italian couple to retreat. Located in Toronto, Canada with 3,500 sqft in size, the design of this house is a homage to the clients’ Italian heritage and also Toronto residential building fabric.

Baby Point Residence: Renovation and Addition of A House with Custom Furniture

It is a renovation and addition project by Batay-Csorba Architects located in Toronto’s Baby Point neighborhood. Completed in 2019 with 5200 ft² in size, Baby Point Residence is also filled with custom furniture designed by local Toronto designer Heidi Earnshaw.

Hazelton Residence 1: A Building Conversion into A Four-Storey Single-Family Residence

Located in Toronto, Canada with 4,000 sqft in size, the aim of this project is to convert a building into a four-storey single-family residence. Hazelton Residence 1 is a 2014 residential project by Batay-Csorba Architects for Davis/Vesely Family as a client.

Glebe Residence: An Addition and Full Interior Renovation to An 1890’s Single-Family Residence

Completed in 2013, it is a project of a 1,500sf addition and full interior renovation to an 1890’s single-family residence by Batay-Csorba Architects. Designed for the Wilson Family, Glebe Residence is located in Ottawa, Canada and it has 2,200sf as its original size.

Van Rosendaal Residence: A Simple and Efficient Volume with A Generosity of Experience

Started in 2009 and completed in 2010, Van Rosendaal Residence is designed by Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative for two ’empty-nesters’ who are avid community volunteers and also nevertheless very involved in the raising of their extended family. The design of this house is a simple and efficient volume while the main floor is experienced as an integrated and open space that lends a generosity of experience.

Roxboro House: A Family Residence with A Hovering Wood-Clad Volume

Completed in 2007 by Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative, Roxboro House is a family residence designed for a couple and their two children. This house sits in an inner-city site, an established neighborhood that is well connected to nearby urban amenities in Calgary, AB. The design concept for this project features a simple form: a hovering wood-clad volume.