Hale Punanue: A Simple Luxury Beach House Rental with Stunning Views from Every Room

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Hawaii is a famous place with its stunning views, especially the beach. One of the best beach house rentals that can be booked within those stunning views is Hale Punanue. This beach house is not only simple but also luxury with enjoyable nature that can be seen from every room. Located in Haleiwa, Hawaii, Hale Punanue can accommodate a small group of six persons.


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The beach lines can be seen very clearly from this beach house, offering a feeling like you’re in a boat right in the middle of the ocean. In order to get some great benefits from the awesome landscape, most of the house walls are designed with a glass material, allowing the stunning views to enter the house easily from the outside.



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The luxury interior design of this beach house is made in a simple style. Without too many details or decoration, this house is a perfect place to stay with a cool effect that comes both from the inside and outside the house. The amazing natural beauty of the island is also connected to this house through its materials and structure.



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The ground floor of Hale Punanue is used to place some public rooms such as living room, dining room, and the kitchen. With the wooden steps on the staircase, the guests are delivered to the second floor where the bed located is. In this second floor, the sloped walls are designed with some sloped windows, offering a beautiful sky to be seen.



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Some areas including the walls and furniture are designed in beautiful wood materials. Most of the floors are made from tiles with a neutral color, creating a good balance with the design of the wall and ceiling of this beach house. The house is large with an open area that faces right to the beach area of Hawaii, allowing everyone to enjoy the amazing nature around the island.


Hale Punanue

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