How to Choose a Table Saw Fence System: The Complete Guide

You can be very frustrated if you end up with a poor quality fence and you will have to be constantly keen to make sure that you end up with the right kind of cuts. It is important to know what to look for in the fence so as to buy the right table saw fence system.

Here are some of the things that you need to know before buying a unit.

  1. Know Its Purpose

The fence is what will guide you to make precise cuts as safely as possible. This unit runs parallel to the blade and can be adjusted along the table’s length on professional tables. It also helps to prevent kickbacks and this ensures safety. A poor quality fence can be totally frustrating.

  1. Find Out The Materials That It Is Made From

This is very important. In as much as you will be cutting wood, a robust fence is the best option as it can withstand the wear and tear that comes with the job. Be careful not to buy a unit that has too many plastic parts but get one that is made from aluminum. This is because aluminum is light in weight and durable too. Should it have plastic part ensure that they are hardened plastic.

  1. Look Out For Its Design

It is not only the material that matters but the design too. Table saw fences comes in different designs. The best design is one that sits on a toothed rail and can be adjusted using a gear. This type can be accurately and quickly adjusted without falling out of the alignment. It is the best for mid-range saws.

  1. Positioning Scale

The best table saw fence unit should have a positioning scale that is both very visible and easy to read. There are some models that have a magnifying window which allows the user to easily measure and adjust the scale as required. Buying a unit with no positioning scale will mean that you will have to manually measure every material that goes across your table.

  1. Always Get The System When Buying A Full Unit

If you need a table with an integrated fence or an upgrade does not compromise on the table saw fence system. Ensure that the table comes with a good unit which is accurate, easy to use, and strong. Railed systems, pinion, and a rack most often beat ones that clamp on directly to a table. Have this in mind when making your next purchase.

This guide should help you get the best unit. Remember to also consider the features of each unit keenly and you will definitely end up with your money’s worth.

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