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Skigard Hytte: A Large Cabin with Wide Wooden Steps and Four Smaller Spaces

This large cabin is designed by Mork Ulnes Architects and completed in 2018. Skigard Hytte has a series of wide wooden steps as access to reach it, lead the people to enjoy the stunning views in a veranda. There are also four smaller spaces formed by dividing the cabin internally along its length. This 144sqm cabin is located in Kvitfjell, Norway.

Egebergslottet: A Young Family Residence with Generous Spaces and White Interiors

This two-storey apartment once was a billiards-room of an Oslo mansion and now it is functioned as a young family residence. Egebergslottet is renovated by Mork Ulnes Architects to create generous spaces. In order to create a counter to the harsh Scandinavian winters, the interiors of the residence are painted in white.

The Aluminum Cabin: A Seaside Cabin Clad in Seawater Resistant Aluminum with Three Volumes

The Aluminum Cabin is designed as a summer cabin with 90 m 2 in size. This seaside cabin project is located in Vestfold, Norway, completed by Jarmund / Vigsnæs Architects in 2013. The main material that used for this cabin is a seawater resistant aluminum while the three volumes are interconnected for three outdoor spaces.

Mylla Hytte: A Small Cabin with Four Shed Roofs and Compact Interior

Completed in 2017 by Mork Ulnes Architects, Mylla Hytte is located in a towering pine forest outside of Oslo. This small 84 square meter cabin is designed as a retreat for a geologist and his family. The building sits on a hilltop and it is formed by the landscape forces. The gable roof of this cabin is divided to create four shed roofs while the interior is compact and finished in plywood.

Straumsnes: A Traditional Shelter with A Gabled Roof and the Best Ocean Views

This cabin is located in Tingvoll, Norway with 135 m² in size. Straumsnes is a 2015 project designed by Rever & Drage Architects and at the same time, a modernist complex of added units dominated by flat-roofed modules also can be created. The result of this awesome project is a traditional shelter with a gabled roof and also the best ocean views.

The Polite House: A Single-Family House with A Modest and Abstract Formal Character

Located in the residential area of Havstein, Norway, The Polite House is a single-family house designed by Jarmund / Vigsnæs Architects. Completed in 2012 with 170 m2 in size, this house has a modest and abstract formal character with various expressions. The house obstructions also can give a characteristic form.

Feisteinveien: A Single-Family House Extension with A Modern Expression

The goal of this extension project is to make room for a growing family in a city that has become dense over the last decades. Feisteinveien is located in Stavanger, Norway, designed by Rever & Drage Architects. With 110 m² in size, the large extension in this single-family house is added with a form concept that includes a combination of distancing.

Split House: A Single-Family House with An Unobstructed Sea Views

This single-family house is located in Asker, Norway with 360 m². Completed in 2013, Split House is designed by Jarmund / Vigsnæs Architects that has unobstructed sea views. With the flat roof and unique form of the house building, the house looks incredible for everyone who sees it from a distance.

Kvåsfossen: A Modern and Traditional Building with A Large and Low Roof

Completed in 2017, Kvåsfossen is a building project designed by Rever & Drage. It is a modern and traditional building located in Lyngdal, Norway, surrounded by dense oak woodland and located near a river with a waterfall in Norway. The total area of the building is 450 m², it is large and small, modern and traditional with a large and low roof.

1/3 House: A Detached House with A Simple Design and An Abstract Appearance

Designed by Rever & Drage Architects, 1/3 House is a detached house built for a young couple in Sunndal. It is a small home located in Norway that they can afford with limited funds. They want the house to be easily expandable depending on how life developed. Completed in 2019 with 100 m2 in size, the house has a simple design and also appears a little abstract.