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Straumsnes: A Traditional Shelter with A Gabled Roof and the Best Ocean Views

This cabin is located in Tingvoll, Norway with 135 m² in size. Straumsnes is a 2015 project designed by Rever & Drage Architects and at the same time, a modernist complex of added units dominated by flat-roofed modules also can be created. The result of this awesome project is a traditional shelter with a gabled roof and also the best ocean views.

Feisteinveien: A Single-Family House Extension with A Modern Expression

The goal of this extension project is to make room for a growing family in a city that has become dense over the last decades. Feisteinveien is located in Stavanger, Norway, designed by Rever & Drage Architects. With 110 m² in size, the large extension in this single-family house is added with a form concept that includes a combination of distancing.

1/3 House: A Detached House with A Simple Design and An Abstract Appearance

Designed by Rever & Drage Architects, 1/3 House is a detached house built for a young couple in Sunndal. It is a small home located in Norway that they can afford with limited funds. They want the house to be easily expandable depending on how life developed. Completed in 2019 with 100 m2 in size, the house has a simple design and also appears a little abstract.