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Courthouse in Kawachinagano: A Modern House with Full Privacy and Abundant Natural Light

The main strategy for this house is to incorporate natural light without sacrificing privacy. Courthouse in Kawachinagano is located in a challenging environment in Osaka Prefecture. Fujiwaramuro Architects includes a courtyard surrounded by two-story-high walls to achieve both privacy and natural light.

House in Uehonmachi: Gradations of Functionality and Natural Light

Located in Osaka Prefecture, House in Uehonmachi is a 2019 residential project designed by Fujiwaramuro Architects. It is a family home for a working couple who frequently work at home and live with their children. Gradations of functionality and natural light are created to achieve the client’s goals.

House in Shimogamo: A Small House with An “Alley Garden”

Located in Japan with 43.6 m2 of the total building area, House in Shimogamo is a small house designed by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio. This house sits in a residential area near Shimogamo Shrine in Kyoto City. It has an “alley garden” that leads one from the gate to the entrance of the house.