Penny Road Cabin: A Cozy Piece of California Heritage with Vintage Charms

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Penny Road Cabin is a cabin rental located within a private and tranquil canyon setting, Topanga, California. This cabin becomes a cozy piece of California heritage because situated in a special place for bucolic hunting and camping destination a hundred years ago. With some vintage charms and bright interiors, Penny Road Cabin becomes a perfect cabin rental to be booked in Topanga.


Penny Road Cabin 1

Penny Road Cabin 2

There are some lodges and cabins that once dotted in Topanga area that still survive, including this one. This cabin is a perfect little hideaway for those who want to have a nice holiday with a gorgeous view. The interior is not only bright but also fun and cheerful with an artistic eye for complete details in the whole spaces of the cabin.



Penny Road Cabin 3

Penny Road Cabin 4

Penny Road Cabin is a modern and stylish cabin with a cozy atmosphere. With some vintage decoration and elements, this cabin looks different from any other place to stay for a holiday. The white bed and white background from the wall, ceiling, and floor reminding us of a Scandinavian interior design of a home.



Penny Road Cabin 5

Penny Road Cabin 6

The minimalist kitchen in this cabin is adorable and simple. The kitchen cabinet comes in a white wooden with some wooden racks above on the wall. The vintage accent can be seen from the classic style of dining chairs and table. This kitchen is open to the outdoor area that separated by a glass sliding door which is very elegant.



Penny Road Cabin 7

Penny Road Cabin 8

Penny Road Cabin has a short ceiling design which is identical to a vintage cabin. Because of this short ceiling, this cabin has a ventilation system that can create a good air circulation from outside to the inside area of the rooms through some small windows. The ceiling is supported by a wooden block in the middle of the room that painted with the same color as the interior background.



Penny Road Cabin 9

Penny Road Cabin 10

Both interior and exterior area of this cabin is designed with some natural elements. Those natural elements can connect these two areas well. The outside wall is designed with some big rocks and vintage woods for the deck. Inside the cabin, some white beams are exposed to create a focal point between the white background.


Penny Road Cabin

Penny Road Cabin 11

Penny Road Cabin 12

Penny Road Cabin 13

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Penny Road Cabin 15

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