House In Shankujii 6

House in Shankujii: A Small House with Two Large Openings and Large-Scale Windows

This small house is designed by Kubo Tsushima Architects for a young couple and their three kids. House in Shankujii is located in a residential district near a station in the Nerima Ward of Tokyo with 85 m2 in size. In this area, houses on small plots of land are packed densely together. This house has two large openings while the design incorporates large-scale windows.

Funabashi Postoffice 2

Funabashi Postoffice: A Post Office Building with Window as the Entrance of Communication

Located in Funabashi, Chiba with 144 m2 in size, Funabashi Postoffice is designed by Kubo Tsushima Architects. As a Japanese post office, this building is a facility dealing with deposit, postal, and insurance services closely on the daily lives’ needs of the local resident. The window is characterized, especially its architecture design, considered as the entrance of communication.