Glass Villa on the Lake: Strong Relationship between the Landscape and Elegant Interior of A Villa

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This beautiful glass villa is located in Lechlade, United Kingdom. It is designed with a strong relationship between the landscape around it and the elegant interior inside it. The principle is about creating a living place with a combination of sustainability and transparency, providing a harmony look with nature, architecture, interior, and landscape through lighting, colors, and materials.


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From inside out design, this living place offers awesome views with surrounding nature, intimacy, and also a comfortable shelter. The timelessness sense of this beautiful house can be felt with all of those aspects. The site is located in a green oasis with plants and trees, hiding the villa from view.



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The elegant interior is mostly created with the use of glass materials for the wall, door, and window of the villa. The white surface of the wall inside the house is combined with the black accent on the stairs and furniture, adding a more simple style of the elegant interior without needing any other bright colors.



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The water plants around the villa are beautified with stepping stones, leading to the other garden parts. The awesome view of the lake is located on the water side. With some terraces on the two different levels, the land and water are connected to the villa, giving a welcoming presence for everyone.



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The residents can feel living on the water with the glass corner windows designed on some rooms, including kitchen and living room. The privacy is ensured by the tall trees and hilly finger on the land. The curving bridge connects the main road and the villa, giving easy access for the residents to go in and out of the villa.



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In order to create an elegant interior design, some important elements are used. Storage cupboards and fireplace can divide the house into different places that can create private and intimate areas with transparent volume. There is also a full-height void in the heart of the area, connecting all levels with some vertical and diagonal sight lines.



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All rooms are connected by the staircase, collected in one interior space. There is a central atrium inside that brings a lot of daylight into the basement which is sunken. This atrium also connects the roof terrace with the villa interior. The amazing views can be enjoyed from the roof terrace, creating a floating feel over the large lake.

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