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Ster House: A Modern House with Spacious Spaces and Greening Elements

Completed in 2019 by DELUTION, Ster House is a modern house with the concept of the Stair Tower. Located in Tebet, South Jakarta, the client wants spacious spaces in this house as well as a lot of greening elements. Sits in a limited area, this house becomes a comfortable place for living in a busy city.

Inset House: An Intersection Concept of the Residential Building with A Floating Garden

Completed in 2016 by Delution, Inset House comes from an intersection concept of the residential building. Located in West Java, Indonesia, this house has a floating garden that provides various benefits while the owner is out of the house.

Splow House: A Split House that Can Be Grown or Build More Someday

Located at Tebet, South Jakarta, Indonesia, Splow House is a residential project designed by Delution. Completed in 2015, this project becomes a challenge for the architect to design a comfortable house for the client in a small area with plenty of required room and a limited budget. The architect uses a Split-Grow House concept so this house can be grown or build more based on the needs of the client.

Monobox: A Modern Contemporary Style with Square Spaces Inside and Outside the House

Located in Meruya, West Jakarta, Indonesia, Monobox is a residential project by Delution that started in 2016 and was completed in 2017. The architect is inspired by the “Modern Contemporary” house concept that started in Japan since 2016. This project is a modern contemporary style that applied by creating square spaces inside and outside the house.