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River House: A Five-Bedroom Residential Home with A Sense of Timelessness

Completed in 2019 by Alexis Dornier, River House offers a comfortable house with a sense of timelessness and firmness. It is a five-bedroom residential home located in Pererenan, Bali with 1440.3 m² in size. Surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Bali, this house is a perfect place to enjoy nature.

Ster House: A Modern House with Spacious Spaces and Greening Elements

Completed in 2019 by DELUTION, Ster House is a modern house with the concept of the Stair Tower. Located in Tebet, South Jakarta, the client wants spacious spaces in this house as well as a lot of greening elements. Sits in a limited area, this house becomes a comfortable place for living in a busy city.

Inset House: An Intersection Concept of the Residential Building with A Floating Garden

Completed in 2016 by Delution, Inset House comes from an intersection concept of the residential building. Located in West Java, Indonesia, this house has a floating garden that provides various benefits while the owner is out of the house.

Rumah Pondok Hijau: A Comfortable House with the Use of Natural Materials

Located in Pondok Indah housing complex, Rumah Pondok Hijau or Pondok Hijau House is a 2020 residential project by Studio ArsitektropiS. With 300 m2 in size, this house is designed with the use of natural materials to create a comfortable feeling and a balance in the house atmosphere.

Splow House: A Split House that Can Be Grown or Build More Someday

Located at Tebet, South Jakarta, Indonesia, Splow House is a residential project designed by Delution. Completed in 2015, this project becomes a challenge for the architect to design a comfortable house for the client in a small area with plenty of required room and a limited budget. The architect uses a Split-Grow House concept so this house can be grown or build more based on the needs of the client.