House P82: Refurbishment of Apartment with Custom-Made Furniture in Modern Interior

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Designed by Lucas y Hernández – Gil, House P82 has a modern interior and big custom-made furniture on. It is a mid-twentieth century apartment located in Salamanca, Madrid, Spain. With 140 meter square, this interior project is completed in 2018. Previously, this apartment is dark and now it turns into a bright living place with flexible distribution.


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The focus project of House P82 is about designing a modern interior into a mid-twentieth century apartment with flexible distribution. It is done through the custom-made furniture that can hide the sliding doors. The modern interior design also looks unique with the structure that made of concrete.



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With the furniture and sliding doors, this apartment design allows the sunlight to reach all corners of the space. The unique concrete structure also creates a contrast design with the custom-designed furniture which is delicate. There is also big shelving designed by Kresta Design with a coral color lacquered.



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The architect uses diagrammatic elements to design the modern interior in this apartment. These elements have different angles that can create a stave, collecting the objects and books as beautiful musical notes. The goal is about providing a simple look, a delicate design, and also functional yet expressive for the residents.



House P82 10

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There is handmade shelving in the kitchen. It is made of 10 mm hollow tube with the baked enamel finish and 1 mm thick sheet metal. The design of this shelving is light and also firm, custom-made based on the client’s site with an architectural pattern. The big shelving from Kresta Design is placed in the middle of the room between the kitchen and living room.


Sliding Doors

House P82 13

House P82 14

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The sliding doors are not only made to allow the sunlight comes into the apartment but also saving more spaces in it. The doors are simple and easy to use. With the wooden frame around, these doors match well with the floor, storage, and furniture which are also made from wood materials.



House P82 16

House P82 17

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All rooms in House P82 has the same white surface combined with wood materials on the floor and storage, including the bathroom. The elegant impression in this bathroom comes from the big mirror and the tiles. In other rooms, the black accent is added to the door and lines on the white wall around it.

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