C+c House: Urban Dwellings in Narrow and Long Plots With Wall Element and Freijó Wood Surface

C C House 10

Just like another project by Studio MK27 – D House – C+C House is a project investigation on townhouses. Completed in June 2015, this house is located in narrow and long plots in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In order to create a regular order in the plan organization, this house is defined by a single trace: a wall element. While the surface of the house is clad in slatted Freijó wood.


C C House 1

C C House 2

C C House 3

The starting point of this project is the house wall that unfolds the entire architectural design. The wall is the element of this house, longitudinal on the site, and located near the lot center. The house surface is clad in slatted Freijó wood, separating the garage from the front entrance and living from the utility rooms and the kitchen.



C C House 4

C C House 5

C C House 6

The wall is combined with the surface on the eastern plot border supports the house upper volume where the bedrooms are. This surface is also covered in wood. The living room void is covered by a box, configured as a wooden tunnel in the house. A concealed window becomes visible when closed on the white facade of the first floor.



C C House 7

C C House 8

C C House 9

The total built area of this project is 513 sqm with 550 sqm of the site area. The structure for this house creates a solution with an analog to folding the house doors used in the previous studio projects. It reveals delicate especially because there is no frame around the movable elements.


C+C House

C C House 10

C C House 11

C C House 12

C C House 13

C C House 14

C C House 15

C C House 16

C C House 17

Photographer: Fernando Guerra

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