Carol Christian Poell 33

Carol Christian Poell: A Minimalist Industrial Interior Design of A Monobrand Boutique

The second floor of the concept store and gallery Carol Christian Poell in Moscow unveils a realm of avant-garde fashion and art. It has a minimalist industrial interior design that attracts everyone’s eyes and invites them to visit. This interior design also features an art object in the form of a cut half of a cast-iron bathtub that makes an ideal backdrop for the avant-garde collection.

House In Bashkiria 86

House in Bashkiria: A Family House Full of “Second Switzerland” Natural Motifs

Architect-designer Lily Kaysarova created a stunning residential project called House in Bashkiria. The construction, which lasted from 2021 to 2023, resulted in a magnificent house with an empty concrete box inside. Located in the enchanting surroundings of picturesque Bashkortostan, every corner of the premises exudes the allure of the natural motifs found in the “Second Switzerland”.