2U Headquarters: A Functional Space New Space with Modern Interior and Choice of Work Style

2U Headquarters 6

2U works together with some great universities to bring their courses and programs online. With “No Back Row” philosophy, they count all ideas and included each person to be better both collectively and individually. 2U Headquarters has a functional space with modern interior and choice of work style, providing a good space to reach their ideas and goals.


2U Headquarters 8

2U Headquarters 7

For this functional new space, Gensler designs a modern interior with a combination of bright colors to bring fun and happy atmosphere. This new space located in Lanham, MD with a modern design that also represented 2U culture based on their philosophy, also with all interior elements that used.



2U Headquarters 6

2U Headquarters 5

The new space for 2U is functional for their courses and programs activities. The architect team changes the regular building with its multi-tenant into a single-user headquarters. It consists of occupant’s culture, staff collegiality, and also brand expression. The identity of 2U is very highlighted in this new space.



2U Headquarters 4

2U Headquarters 3

The reflection of 2U opportunity and equality ethos can be seen in the workspace. This workspace has an open-plan seating. There are no offices or even a space for CEO. All spaces can be used by employees with their choice of workstyle. They can adjust their style of the comfortable workspace as they want.



2U Headquarters 2

2U Headquarters 1

The modern interior is designed and arranged based on a smart space plan. This plan is not made based on a hierarchy, it becomes the main tool to drive a functional design for the whole space. The plan can give more opportunities to socialize, focus, and also meet between people on the seven floors of the building.

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