A Painter’s Modern Loft: Minimalist Interior of Loft with Dreamy and Light-Filled Space

A Painter's Modern Loft 11

Sergio, Lysa, and their dog, Walter, has been living in this modern loft for six months. The loft is located in Montreal, Quebec with 1,100 square feet of the total area. The minimalist interior of the loft is combined with the light-filled space. This kind of combination is used based on the need of Lysa who love to paint anytime.


A Painter's Modern Loft 1

A Painter's Modern Loft 2

A Painter's Modern Loft 3

Lysa is an artist and Sergio is an architect. Surely they need a space that can support them to do all the things that they love. With the minimalist interior design and the best lighting system, the light-filled space inside this apartment has an inspiring and stimulating atmosphere for them.



A Painter's Modern Loft 4

A Painter's Modern Loft 5

A Painter's Modern Loft 6

The light-filled space is made by adding a lot of bright colors such as white and natural colors from the materials like wood and brick. The bright look also comes from the lighting system that both Lysa and Sergio need in working. They also use some of Lysa’s paintings to beautify this loft interior.



A Painter's Modern Loft 7

A Painter's Modern Loft 8

A Painter's Modern Loft 9

Sergio and Lysa don’t think any style of their loft. They just think about having fun and functional space to live according to their interests. The only style that they have inside this modern loft is the light style. With this kind of style, the loft can be their best and awesome place to work and live at the same time.



A Painter's Modern Loft 10

A Painter's Modern Loft 11

A Painter's Modern Loft 12

The large windows and high ceilings become the owner favorite element in this modern loft. With the large windows, the beautiful views of Montreal can be seen clearly while working. The high ceilings also allow them to have better air circulation and the best lighting design ever.



A Painter's Modern Loft 13

A Painter's Modern Loft 14

A Painter's Modern Loft 15

With the minimalist interior in their modern loft, both of them are only trying to fill the loft space with the furniture that they need and want. They really love their DIY shelves in the heart area of the loft. There is also a green reading chair which is very comfortable from West Elm.



A Painter's Modern Loft 16

A Painter's Modern Loft 17

A Painter's Modern Loft 18

The bedroom has an all-white surface, especially on the wall and ceiling. Near the bed, this bedroom is also decorated with a small side table and a black chair that often used by their dog, Walter. In the kitchen, there is a hanging shelf used to replace the kitchen cabinet. And near this kitchen, the wooden dining table is surrounded by different types of dining chairs.



A Painter's Modern Loft 19

A Painter's Modern Loft 20

A Painter's Modern Loft 21

The main goal of this painter’s modern loft interior design is about creating a space that feels good for everyone in it. The design should bring more comfort, joy, and memories to the owner which that can be created in an easy way.

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