Glass Block: Renovation of An Apartment Space to Create A Light-Filled Atmosphere

Glass Block 4

Finished in July 2019, Glass Block is a renovation project of apartment space in Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam. HGGA Architecture Office tries to create an empty, pure, light-filled atmosphere in this apartment space so the people can explore themselves and focus on nature. The total area of this project is 72 m2.


Glass Block 1

Glass Block 2

Due to the lack of light, the architect brings an idea to create a light-filled atmosphere by renovating the space in this apartment. This atmosphere can make the apartment interior has a brighter appearance during the days and the interior design also can be shown clearly.



Glass Block 3

Glass Block 4

In order to bring light into this apartment space, the architect also considers the connection between people and people inside the space. It is an empty space, a light-filled place combined with the presence of trees so people become prominent and able to feel each other’s existence more.

Glass Block 5

Glass Block 6

This project also offers a variety of light, reflecting space, and reflections that are penetrating and separating. Each day, every light is different so the apartment space becomes more interesting to see. These reflections are also supported by the use of wood materials to design the floor, door frames, and furniture.


Glass Block Gallery


Photography: HGAA Architecture Office

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