New Canaan Residence 7

New Canaan Residence: A Mid-Century Modernist Home with A Series of Small Rooms

The renovation and master bedroom addition of this house comes with a challenge to obey the strict zoning requirements by respecting the integrity of a significant mid-century modernist home. New Canaan Residence was designed by John Black Lee in 1957 located in New Canaan, CT with 3000 SF + 2600 SF Addition in size. A new addition is added to this house by Joel Sanders Architect with a series of small rooms.

Bedford Residence 2

Bedford Residence: A 1950’s House Renovation with Connecting Interior and Exterior

Joel Sanders Architect collaborates with Balmori Associates to renovate this 1950’s house in the town of Bedford Corners, New York. Completed in 2012 with 3,000 SF in size, Bedford Residence is designed by creating a scheme that connects and weaves the exterior and interior. The architect links the house architecture to the surrounding landscape to create a balance between the building and its nature.

House On Mt Merino 5

House on Mt. Merino: A Large House with A Two-Story Interior Garden Court and Breathtaking Views

House on Mt. Merino is designed to take a lot of advantages of the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains breathtaking views. This large house is designed by Joel Sanders Architect, perched at the peak of Mt. Merino in Hudson, New York with 2,400 SF in size. Completed in 2008, the house has cedar-clad retaining walls and it is organized around a two-story interior garden court.

Market Street Penthouse 5

Market Street Penthouse: A Duplex Penthouse with A “Sky Zone” and Blue-Grey Interiors

This beautiful duplex penthouse is located in San Francisco, California with 3,200 SF in size. Market Street Penthouse is a 2009 project by Joel Sanders Architect that works together with Winder Gibson Architect. This duplex penthouse has a “sky zone” and blue-grey interiors. The design challenge for this project is to take advantage of its diagonal downtown views. The architect also divided this duplex penthouse into two living strips.

Broadway Penthouse 1

Broadway Penthouse: A NoHo Loft Renovation with Green Design and Lush Vegetation

Broadway Penthouse is a project of a NoHo loft renovation that rethinks the notion of an urban garden. Joel Sanders Architect brings the outside in literally with this notion. Located in New York with 3000 SF, green design is added into this house beyond the familiar incorporation of a list of LEED-certified materials. There is also lush vegetation around the house interior, especially in the bathroom.

Capsule Loft 4

Capsule Loft: A West Village Apartment with A Cantilevered Wood-Clad Volume and Industrial Loft

The design challenge for Capsule Loft is to accommodate a second level for bedrooms and maintain the architectural integrity of the industrial loft. This West Village apartment is 2500 SF in size, located in New York and designed by Joel Sanders Architect. The industrial loft in this apartment is characterized by tall south-west corner windows and exposed concrete beams. The architect also inserts a cantilevered wood-clad volume called the Sleeping Capsule.