Frontoffice Tokyo

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M House: A Dance Studio and A Home with Maximum Space and Volume

This private house consists of a home above and a dance studio on the ground floor. There is also a yoga space on the roof of the house. M House is designed by Frontoffice Tokyo and located in Nakano-Ku, Tokyo. This 157 m2 house is a 2019 project that maximizes space and volume based on Tokyo’s rules and regulations.

Gohongi House Tokyo: An Awesome Connection of Modern House to the Outside Environment

This modern house is built in 2012 and designed by Frontoffice Tokyo. Gohongi House Tokyo is 230 m2 and it sits on a typically narrow Tokyo suburban site. The goal of this project is simple: creating a lot of floor areas as much as possible and connect them to the surrounding landscape.

Minami Azabu House Tokyo: A Modern House with Open Decks and Balconies

Designed by Frontoffice Tokyo, Minami Azabu House Tokyo is a modern house located in a busy city like Tokyo. Completed in 2010 with 210 m2 in size, the architect takes a different track for this project where the house rooms are connected to theĀ  city by a series of decks and also balconies that open the house to the city.