East Side Apartment: A Modern Apartment with Light and Airy Palette of Off-White Tones

East Side Apartment 5

East Side Apartment is a 2016 project of interior design and architecture by Echo Design + Architecture. Located in New York City, this 2,000 SF-modern apartment is designed with a light and airy palette of off-white tones that used as a perfect backdrop to entertain guests of the owner. It also has a lot of different materials combined that can be found in each room.



East Side Apartment 2

In order to create a bright interior, the architect uses light and airy palette of off-white tones as a backdrop. Besides entertaining the guests, this backdrop also can beautify the entire surface of the interior. With these tones, this apartment offers a warm and also modern style that combined with the same tones of the furniture.



East Side Apartment 3

East Side Apartment 4

It is an apartment with a long and thin form. The design and details are a combination of some elements and materials include soft pastels, stone, and wood tones to give warm air to all rooms. Most of the rooms are dominated by wood, especially the floor and furniture. The off-white tones can be seen clearly in the kitchen and living room.



East Side Apartment 5

East Side Apartment 6

Near the shelves and entrance, the bathroom and bedroom are tucked away. These shelves scale up to the 13’ high ceilings throughout the already lofty kitchen and living room. In the living area, the residents can enjoy the surrounding views through the windows.

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