Week: Contemporary Interior Project of A Women Clothes Shop in A Soviet Building

Week 8

Week is a women clothes shop located in Dnipro, Ukraine. The contemporary interior project of this store started at the beginning of 2017 with 120 meter square of the total area. This store is located in a 1950’s Soviet building with a being-rented long story. M. Temnikov and S.Hotvianskyi from Nott Design create a contemporary interior with a combination of style and economic efficiency.


Week 10

Week 9

Located inside a Soviet building with a being-rented long story make this store has a lot of uniqueness. There are a lot of changes done by the tenant, including the awesome finishing like colored beams and red bricks. Nott Design decides to show those changes to beautify the store interior.



Week 8

Week 7

The red bricks are painted partly in white. The beautiful ceiling has an irregular design that looks like it hasn’t finished built yet. Some small spotlights are used to highlight the hanging clothes. The visitor of the store also can enjoy coffee while shopping comfortably.



Week 6

Week 5

At the level of two meters from the floor of the Week store, there is a high white wall. This wall is used as a background to display and expose the clothes. Right above the wall, the history of this place can be seen clearly. This history can add more values to the contemporary interior design in this store.



Week 4

Week 3

This awesome contemporary interior project is completed in two months only. Nott Design uses a combination of contemporary style with the speed and economic efficiency. This combination becomes the main advantage to this project completely.



Week 2

Week 1

Besides the shopping area, this store of Week also has a small coffee house inside the store. With this coffee house, the visitor can take a break for a while from shopping and fitting to enjoy a cup of coffee and interacting with each other, including the store staff.

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