Juniper House: A Modern Residence with An Uncluttered, Light-Filled, and Accessible Living Space

Juniper House 3

It is a two-storey walkout residence located in Calgary, designed by Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative for a professional couple. The design for Juniper House is developed in response to the unique site and the clients’ desire for an uncluttered, light-filled, and accessible living space. This project is started in 2012 and completed in 2016.


Juniper House 1

Juniper House 2

Juniper House 3

This house sits on a steeply sloping site with stunning views of the Foothills and the Rocky Mountains. The design is developed by the architect to respond to the unique characteristics of the site and also to the desire of the clients for an uncluttered, light-filled, and accessible living space.

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Juniper House 5

Juniper House 6

This house also addresses the street with its subdued single-storey facade. The private, semi-enclosed courtyard of this house is described by the two wings of its L-shaped plan that enveloped by two storey curtain walls. These walls are designed to take a lot of advantage of the stunning views of the property.



Juniper House 7

Juniper House 8

Juniper House 9

The project plan consolidates the private functions of this house within the maple-clad volume. The public functions inside this house are organized in a series of overlapping social spaces, framed by the use of white lacquered millwork.

Juniper House 10

Juniper House 11

The halves are connected across the courtyard space visually and spatially by a promenade running parallel to the curtain wall and the consolidated block of private spaces.



Juniper House 14

Juniper House 15

Juniper House 12

Materially, this house uses a limited number of sources. The private faces of the plan are clad in curtain wall glazing while the public skin is comprised of corrugated aluminum with inset planes of cedar. The interior finishes of this house allow shadow and light to come into the house space, providing a complementary environment for the contemporary art collection of the clients as well.


Juniper House Gallery


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