Shaken not Stirred: Contemporary Interior of Beautiful Apartment with Various Materials

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This beautiful apartment is a 2018 project by Nott Design and still in progress. It is located in Dnipro, Ukraine with 120 meter square of the total area. Together, M. Temnikov and S. Hotvianskyi design the contemporary interior in this apartment with some various materials. The apartment will be one of the most comfortable and awesome apartments in Ukraine with its interior design.


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Nott Design tries to make the contemporary interior design in this apartment looks modern and elegant. The atmosphere is dark and also warm. With various materials, elements, and also decoration, the interior looks unique and inviting for everyone to stay with their family.



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The main area is used to unite the living and dining area. There is also a big bookshelf near the large sofa. The vintage cabinet, decoration, and round mirror are used to decor the black brick wall near the dining area. In this dining area, the residents also can enjoy the beautiful view through the large glass door.



Shaken Not Stirred 3

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In the main area of this apartment, the contemporary interior is designed with some various materials. The black brick is used to design some parts of the apartment walls. The floor is made of wood, the same material of the kitchen island and dining table. In the bathroom, the beautiful art of rock made from concrete can bring natural feeling into this private room.

Shaken Not Stirred 1

Nott Design also uses the same dining round mirror to this bathroom. The white sink is placed on the wall-mounted table made from a plank of natural wood. The concrete floor matches well with the bathroom grey wall and ceiling. The lighting design behind the mirror can bring a beautiful effect to this bathroom.


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