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Ritto Office Renovation: An Office Renovation with A Calm Tone Workspace

Surrounded by nature in Shiga prefecture, this offers a comfortable workspace with a calm tone. Designed by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE, Ritto Office Renovation is a transformation project of a warehouse into an office space. Besides comfortable, the interior of the office space is also memorable and coy for all visitors.

Oe’s House: A House of Unified Divisions with A Comfortable Interior Space

Sits on an old residential neighborhood in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, Oe’s House is a 2019 residential project designed by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE. It is a house of unified divisions with comfortable interior space as the main focus to be designed. This house also can encourage the resident to feel the richness of sensory experiences inside.

Kitayamadai House Renovation: A Well-Prepared and Rich Space for A House Renovation

Located in Konan City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, Kitayamadai House Renovation is a renovation project by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE. The plan is a renovation of the house’s first floor which is 20 years old. A well-prepared and rich space is designed for this house for an extraordinary life as the client wants.

Matsuo House 2: An Awesome House with A Box in Each Privacy Space

Constructed in 2020 by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE, Matsuo House 2 is a project of designing a box for each privacy space inside the house. This house is located in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, with 86.80 m2 of its building area size. It has a shared space (LDK space), used to connect the space around the water and the bedroom space.

Takatsuki House: A House with An English Conversation Class and A Rich Space

This project is about Takatsuki’s English conversation class combined housing located in Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture. Takatsuki House is constructed by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE in 2020, a house with a dirt floor that connects people’s lives. The design connects the store inside the house and the residential area to each other, creating a rich space with good privacy.

Shimookabe’s House: A Modern House with A Strong Presence of Design and Appearance

Facing a rural scene, Shimookabe’s House is a residential project by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE located in Japan. This modern house has a strong presence through its design and appearance and at the same time, a rich and diverse space can be created by using a simple configuration.

Aisyo Townhouse: A Two-Family Home with A Complete Separation Type

It is an awesome project of a two-family home designed by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE. Aisyo Townhouse is located in Japan, built with a complete separation type. The aim of this project is to provide the two families with the same sky and make them feel like living at a comfortable home together.