Oe’s House: A House of Unified Divisions with A Comfortable Interior Space

Oe's House 17

Sits on an old residential neighborhood in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, Oe’s House is a 2019 residential project designed by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE. It is a house of unified divisions with comfortable interior space as the main focus to be designed. This house also can encourage the resident to feel the richness of sensory experiences inside.


Oe's House 1

Oe's House 2

Oe's House 3

Oe's House 4

Oe's House 5

The north side of this house faces a street while the other three sides face the houses of neighbors. This situation becomes a challenge for the architect to open up space to the outside. The main focus of this project is to design a comfortable interior space inside.



Oe's House 6

Oe's House 7

Oe's House 8

Oe's House 9

Oe's House 10

The living space and entrance of the house are separated in a way intentionally so one can feel both inside and outside at the entrance area. The main intention is to design a unique connection between interior and exterior and create a ”comfortable disorder”.

The entrance also has a kind of stillness reminiscent of a museum. There is a door to the living space of the house that cuts out from the entrance in a square shape while the atmosphere changes by the shape of the clouds and the color of the sky outside.

The two entrances ( to the living space and to the outside) come in an identical appearance to create a continuity between the interior and exterior of the house.



Oe's House 11

Oe's House 12

Oe's House 13

Oe's House 14

Oe's House 15

It is a comfortable house designed so that people inside can pay attention to the landscape outside. This landscape view is cut into a square by the house windows. It is also about paying attention to the ambiance that changes in every season.

The hope is that this house can encourage its resident to feel the richness of sensory experiences within their home inside the house spaces.


Oe’s House Gallery



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