Hausfuchs House 35

Hausfuchs House: An Environmentally Friendly Timber Complex with Timber Construction and Top-Quality Architecture

Designed by IFUB* in 2018, Hausfuchs House demonstrates the top-quality architecture under one roof with infill and ecology in Vaterstetten, Germany. In this awesome project, one plot is divided into two, and the existing single-family home is replaced with a two-family duplex. The all-timber construction in this project also complies with the most stringent ecological building regulations of the city.

Apartment S 15

Apartment S: Remodeling and Refurbishment of An Old Building into A Modern Apartment

Located in the west of Vienna, Austria, Apartment S is remodeling and refurbishment project by IFUB. The project is started in 2013 and finished in 2015, turning out an old building into a modern apartment in an Art Deco Villa, built in 1931. This apartment has a mezzanine floor that has been owned by the couple since 2013 and after the project, this apartment now offers maximum space-saving and soft white interiors.