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Residence Ödberg: A Modern Residence with A Central Courtyard and Awesome Unobstructed View

The initial approach for this 2010 project is the idea to build an awesome residence with a central courtyard by following the perception of the well-known case study houses. Residence Ödberg is designed by A01 Architects as a modern residence located in Austria. There is also an unobstructed view of the Klosterneuburg´s hills that can be seen from this house.

Residence Pörtschach: A Summer Residence with Awesome Views of Surrounding Landscape

Started in 2010 and completed in 2013, Residence Pörtschach is designed by A01 Architects as a summer residence in Austria. This residence is developed fully to engage with the outstanding location of the site. It is also surrounded by awesome views of the landscape where one can enjoy from inside the residence.

Lanserhof Lans: A Sustainable and Healthy Building Complex with Red Cedar Wood on the Facade

This extension building of the Lanserhof health resort in Lans, Austria has been completed in 2016. Ingenhoven Architects is in charge of the refurbishment of this project and the entire design of the new buildings, including its interior design. Lanserhof Lans is highlighted by its facade that consists of red cedarwood.

WERKHAUS: Renovation of A Town House with A Strong Interior Design

Gogl Architekten is assigned to renovate this townhouse located in Tirol, Austria. WERKHAUS is a renovation project that started in 2016 and completed in 2017. The planning, interior design, and furniture planning are done by the architect. The aim is to create a strong appearance that comes from the use of black elements and wood materials.

WIESENHOF: A Single-Family House Conversion with A Generous Living and Leisure Space

Designed by Gogl Architekten, this single-family house is located in Austria with 565 m² in size. WIESENHOF is a conversion project completed in 2012, owned by a client that requests a getaway as a place of peace and contemplation with a strong relationship to the nature surrounding it. It is a symbiosis of spatial openness and enclosed areas with a generous living and leisure space.

HAUS WALDE: A New Construction of A Single-Family House with Earthly Materials

It is a 2012 project of new construction in a single-family house designed by Gogl Architekten. HAUS WALDE is located in Austria with 383 m² in size, owned by a client that wants to have an open, light-filled room with a beautiful backdrop of the Kitzbühl Alps. The new construction is also supported by earthly materials with a contrast to the modern design.

Apartment S: Remodeling and Refurbishment of An Old Building into A Modern Apartment

Located in the west of Vienna, Austria, Apartment S is remodeling and refurbishment project by IFUB. The project is started in 2013 and finished in 2015, turning out an old building into a modern apartment in an Art Deco Villa, built in 1931. This apartment has a mezzanine floor that has been owned by the couple since 2013 and after the project, this apartment now offers maximum space-saving and soft white interiors.

Silvrettahaus, Bielerhöhe (AT): A Restaurant and Hotel with An Elegant, Functional Design

The construction of this building rises at 2,040 m above sea level on the southern tip. Replacing a hotel complex from the 1950s, Silvrettahaus, Bielerhöhe (AT) serves as s hotel and a restaurant with complete facilities including 28 beds. A completed project by Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten, the building rises above a strong natural stone base with smooth, white house walls and elegant, functional design.

House I, Schwarzenberg (AT): An Unstructured Barn-Like Solitaire with Wood and Glass Design

House I is a house as an unstructured barn-like solitaire located in Schwarzenberg, Austria. It sits upon the mountain meadow on an area that used for agriculture. With 268 m² in size, Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten designs this house with wood and glass in order to relate the house to its immediate surroundings and reinterpret the traditional Bregenzer Wälderhaus. Construction from prefabricated wooden elements is also obvious.