Wood & Marble: Elegant Interior Design in Minimalist Apartment with Two Functional Zones

Wood & Marble 8

Just like its name, Wood and Marble, this minimalist apartment has an elegant interior design which is full of wood, marble, and other different materials. With 120 meter square, the apartment space is divided into two functional zones by a small corridor. Located in Dnipro, Ukraine, this apartment can be one the best option for the people to have a good living place.


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S. Hotvianskyi from Nott Design is made an elegant interior to this minimalist apartment in a new housing building. The plan is about creating an elegant interior with two concrete columns inside the two functional zones, arranging the comfortable rooms for the residents in a good way.



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The architect team designs a plan that consists of some necessary rooms such as a laundry place, practical and functional kitchen, two bathrooms, bedroom for the owner, an office, and also a spacious living room. Those rooms are designed based on the apartment owner needs.



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This apartment space is divided into two functional zones, they are a public zone and a private zone. The public zone consists of studio space with a living room and a kitchen-dining room, also includes a guest bathroom, a laundry place, and hall. While the bathroom, office, and bedroom can be found in the private zone.



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Wood & Marble 8

The two zones are made and divided by a small corridor. This corridor is formed by walls of the bathroom, office, bedroom, kitchen, and one of the columns made from concrete. The wooden stationery screen can be used as bookshelves and a cover to hide the corridor. This screen doesn’t prevent natural light to come to the living area of the apartment.



Wood & Marble 9

Wood & Marble 10

The elegant interior made by Nott Design in this apartment has a core composition. This composition is the rectangular volume which is beautified by the laths of American nut wood. The rectangular volume contains two bathrooms which are made from a glass material on its top, letting the light to penetrate into the room.



Wood & Marble 11

Wood & Marble 12

The finishing materials for the elegant interior are very important for the architect. That’s why the interior is also designed with internal conflicts and communications, some incongruous materials such as concrete, copper, marble, and wood that fit well with each other perfectly inside the apartment.



Wood & Marble 13

Wood & Marble 14

Wood & Marble 15

The bedroom of the apartment owner has a simple style of elegant interior design. There are no many things in this bedroom. It already looks comfortable with the big white wardrobe, wooden storage, large windows covered by white curtains, and warm wood floor with a black rug.

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