Macmasters Beach House: Australian Beach House with Minimalist Interior and A Cherished Environment

Macmasters Beach House 10

Macmasters Beach House is quintessential Australian beach house. Arent & Pyke tries to bring a minimalist interior into this house with a cherished environment without eliminating the beach style in every corner of the house. The final result turns Macmasters Beach House into a comfortable house based on the client’s lifestyle.


Macmasters Beach House 1

Macmasters Beach House 2

Macmasters Beach House 3

This Australian beach house is designed with a minimalist interior which is simple, soft, and also cozy. Every space is used maximally and arranged as natural as possible. The natural color like brown, grey, and white can make the minimalist interior looks inviting and interesting.



Macmasters Beach House 4

Macmasters Beach House 5

Macmasters Beach House 6

All the rooms in this house are designed in a minimalist interior but still have a unique thing that makes each of them different. The dining area looks soft with its wooden furniture and floor while the bedroom looks warm with its grey wall.



Macmasters Beach House 7

Macmasters Beach House 8

The floor and the ceiling of Macmasters Beach House are made with a beautiful wood material. The furniture also comes in the same wooden material, creating a balanced look. Some of the house accessories and decoration can add an elegant accent to the house.



Macmasters Beach House 9

Macmasters Beach House 10

Each room in this beach house has interesting furniture designs. Most of them are smaller, supporting the minimalist interior design to the whole house. Every chair is used together with a lovely table and the wall-mounted cabinet can help the client to get more spaces to move freely.

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