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London Terraced House: Renovation of A Terraced House with the Right Balance

It is a XIXth century grade II listed terraced home located in London, United Kingdom. London Terraced House will undergo extensive gut renovation by Studio Razavi Architecture, renovated as a 2020 renovation project. With 432 m² in size, furniture and some original features are combined to create the right balance.

City Approach Penthouses: Four Rooftop Apartments with Private Terraces and Conservatories

Located in the Moorfields Conservation Area, Islington, London, UK, City Approach Penthouses is an architecture project designed by NAME Architecture with 870m2 in size. The aim is to create a roof addition on an Edwardian building and also to complement the existing building and broader street scene. The result is four rooftop apartments with private terraces and conservatories.

Dune House: A Holiday House with Floating Appearance on the Top Floor

This holiday house is located in Thorpeness, England with 250 m². Dune House is a living architecture designed and completed in 2011 by Jarmund / Vigsnæs Architects that collaborated with Mole Architects Ltd. It is located in Thorpeness, England with a floating appearance on its top floor.

Stoke Newington House: A Victorian Terraced House with A Small Addition and Modern Open Spaces

With 150 sqm in size, Material Works Architecture has been completed a design project of a victorian terraced house. Stoke Newington House is located in Stoke Newington, London, the UK with a small addition designed by the architect. The challenge of this project is to transform the dark spaces into modern bright spaces bedside the limited space and limited budget for building in.

Cambridge Drive: A Simple, Clean, and Light-Filled Ground Floor Extension in the 1920’s Peabody House

A simple, clean, and light-filled ground floor extension is added to the 1920’s Peabody House to create a unified and open plan living area. Designed by VINE Architecture Studio, this extension project is located in South East London, England. The design for Cambridge Drive is made based on some principles while the bold expression of modernity is created to beautify the house.

Mile End Road: Refurbishment, Reconfiguration and Part Reconstruction of A Top Floor Apartment

This existing apartment is located in Mile End, London, England. Finished by VINE Architecture Studio, Mile End Road is about a refurbishment, reconfiguration, and part reconstruction of a top floor apartment. With the help of a level change and roof valley, this apartment spaces can provide undulating height and rhythm to animate and unite the apartment.

Sulina Road: A Unique Brixton Maisonette with Interior Transformation and Lofty Double-Height Spaces

Designed by VINE Architecture Studio, Sulina Road is a remodeling, refurbishment, and extension project of an end-of-terrace Victorian maisonette. Located in South London, England, this unique Brixton maisonette has a generous loft space. The architect can create lofty double-height spaces in this maisonette and transforming the interior space to deliver more comfortable spaces.

Love Walk: A Functional Family House with Architectural Spirit of the Building

Located in Camberwell, London, Love Walk is a refurbishment, reconfiguration, and extension project of a late Victorian coach house. VINE Architecture Studio tries to create a functional family house that complemented the building architectural spirit. This house is also about a celebration of untreated and natural materials and finishes.

A Cork-Clad Cabin Above A Tidal Salt Marsh

A British architect Lisa Shell was appointed to build a cabin for an artist Marcus Taylor. Located in a salt marsh on England’s east coast, the cabin was built to create a peaceful retreat for when Taylor needs a place to focus on his works. Shell was inspired by oil rigs, Maunsell forts, and a wading bird to bring in the cabin design.